About the project


eSwimming is a European project funded with support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission with the aim of promoting all over Europe swimming as a therapy for disadvantaged people.


The eSwimming project is coordinated by IPAK - Institute for Symbolic Analysis and Development of Information Technologies - Slovenia in cooperation with private and public institutions from Germany, Italy, Spain and Scotland.


The aims of the project are
- to increase the use of swimming as a therapy for disadvantaged people,
- to increase the number of swim trainers for disabled people,
- to promote swimming as a therapy.


The eSwimming web portal has been created to fulfil these aims and to give access to different educational and promotional materials especially designed for the different target groups of the project: trainers, swimmers and parents.


The educational materials are available in 6 languages – English, German, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian and Bosnian – and include a handbook for trainers, good practices and positive experiences, videos, PPT presentations, articles, 3D simulations, etc.


Among the activities foreseen by the project in each partner country, there are workshops, presentations and meetings for the presentation of the educational materials, the promotion of the web portal, the exchange of experiences and the networking among trainers, swimmers, disabled persons, social workers, and parents.


If you have any questions about the project and/or suggestions and ideas for the contents you would like to see on the web portal, please write an email to eswimming@eswimming.eu or contact the project partner in your country:

- IPAK (SI) - Blatnik Stanko - email: stanko_blatnik@yahoo.com
- ILI/FIM-NewLearning (DE) - Simon Heid - email: simon.heid@fim.uni-erlangen.de
- Amitié (IT) - Francesca Magrefi - email: fmagrefi@amitie.it
- Scienter España (ES) - Petra Sulovska - email: psulovska@scienter.es
- Going Nova (UK) - Howie Firth - email: howie.firth@googlemail.com