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March 2011


As a part of the eSwimming project (funded with support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission) IPAK Institute has been awarded two patents that were developed to facilitate learning mathematics during swimming lessons for kids with special needs, and for a swimming aid designed to improve swimmer’s technique.

The game was designed out floating material so that the kids can be instructed during swimming lessons to perform basic mathematical tasks. The idea stemmed from the teaching principle used during swimming lessons, where games are used to through all the stages to facilitate learning by making it fun and interesting.
The swimming aid has been constructed out of foam and a mirror. Dr. Stanko Blatnik accidentally saw his reflection while swimming, allowing him to improve upon his technique. It led to an idea to create a device that would allow a swimmer to continuously monitor their technique.

Both the game and the swimming aid have been created at the Institute as a prototype. Preparations are under way to put the prototypes into production. Agreements were made to produce them at Velenje's Daycare Centre for People with Special Needs.




The LifeLong Learning Programme support for the eSwimming project has ended on 30th November 2010. IPAK institute and partners intend to continue with activities related to the project. In the future the activities will focus on the continuous exploitation of project result (especially educational materials) and promotional activities in order to encourage people with disabilities to learn how to swim and use swimming as a therapy. Specific future plans include: providing the financial support for further development of eSwimming web portal (IPAK and  companies from Savinjska region, Slovenia); continuation of activities on bilateral research project (partners IPAK and University of Tuzla) about the benefits of swimming; preparation of related project proposal; further use and updating of the eSwimming web portal, translation of the eSwimming webpage with all educational and promotional materials into other languages (Dutch, Norwegian, French); continuing organization of national and international workshops and symposia; further testing and improvement of prototype described in two patent application that IPAK has submitted to the Slovene Office for Intellectual Property and they concern the use of educational games in swimming for children with disabilities and the use of a mirror for training the proper swimming technique.