Testimonials / Swimmers


I learned to swim when I was around 6 years old. I always enjoyed the activity but as time passed by and life became a lot busier it turned into something a little more important. It is the personal time where for a short while nothing and no one bothers me. A moment where I can clear my mind, center my thoughts and recharge lost energy. I always leave the pool feeling refreshed and reenergized.


I enjoy it because it relaxes me, and I feel like new.

The best sport ever, it really makes me feel strong just love it.


Swimming is something that as much important to me as oxygen is.


I love swimming because it's the only sport I'm any good at. I also like it because it is relaxing and a great source of exercise.


I love swimming :D it makes me feel...relaxed.


I love swimming because it's mix of art and harmony with strength.


I love swimming because for a moment it seems u re out of this world.


Swimming let me forget about difficult yesterday and prepare for the next happy day :)


When i am in water it makes me feel comfortable...like i am in my own skin!!


It is a relaxing experience, it cleanses my mind.


Swimming taught me how to breathe better and make all my muscles work. It's really fun to be inside water :)


It does not make a long time practicing swimming and I feel a big difference mainly in my breathing rhythm.