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Swimming Lessons for People with Special Needs in Velenje


An article about the swimming group “Dolphins” started in Velenje, describing documented results regarding the effects of swimming after one year running period. Article was written by Maja Garbajs, Halliwick Method Certified Trainer.


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Swimming for Visually Impared an article by Azur Kuduzović Remedial teacher– Instructor for orientation and movement of the blind


"I started to participate in swimming courses by accident. It was very new experience because I was never in contact with population I am teaching swimming. However iti is great feeling to help somebody, who has a lot of problems to learn to swim. The feeling you have when your student started to swim without any support is unique."


˝Thanks to EU's Lifelong Learning Programme and Halliwick swimming method my work has received an additional dimension. I enriched my knowledge and capabilities with a new swimming method that complemented my work with people with special needs.

By profession I'm a physical education professor and my work primarily involves people with special needs in the NGO "Majke hendikepirane djece" TK Tuzla. I worked on adaptive physical activity for people with special needs. Until then our users have had work and competition programme according to Special Olympics Concept "Unified".

My first experience with the Halliwick method occurred in July of 2009, thanks to the dc Edina Šarič that has invited me to the seminar on Halliwick swimming method in cooperation with dr Stanko Blatnik. Thanks to them transfer of knowledge and the swimming method has occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that has improved the work of professionals, parents, and all of the people that like swimming, as well as improving the quality of life.
My work with people with special needs focuses on work people with LMR and people with UMR; the Halliwick method has improved the work with people with TMR and Teža metalna.

People with above mentioned conditions are now included in swimming programme. In my opinion exposure to water has a positive influence not just on the participants but also on me as a pedagogue.

This program should be promoted further, so that the transfer of knowledge can become easier and more efficient, so that the positive effects of the programme can be accessible to the users.˝

Sanja Selimovič